How to survive an earthquake

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how to survive an earthquake


Small 2 person GHB

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GHB or Get home bag is a useful pack that many ‘preppers’ carry on their person or in a vehicle when out and about especially over a longer distance.

The main aim of the GHB is to aid in getting home or to a bug out location by helping ‘survive’ the journey as it may be over a day maybe 2 or longer so some essentials to help are included in this pack.

This pack I have is a smaller type and offers the bare essentials for survival should one be stranded or stuck and require help or to get through a tough time to get help. It contains doubles of most items so if necessary the pack would be split and should provide a few essentials for fire, cooking, shelter and communication.

The pack is a Maxpedition FR-01. this is made as a first aid pack but i find it suits this purpose fine due to its size and storage options.

So whats in the pack;

  1. 50 ft of 550 paracord
  2. 2x Green light sticks (1 pp)
  3. 2x Red light sticks (1 pp)
  4. 1 mre heater
  5. Pack of razorblades  (2 pp)
  6. 2 Coffee filter papers (1pp)
  7. Bic pen
  8. Sharpie pen
  9. LMF fire steel and solas whistle
  10. Victorinox farmer
  11. 2x Acme tornado whistles
  12. Leatherman Wave
  13. 2x Life mylar emergency blankets (1 pp)
  14. Spool of US trip wire (slpit and use as trip wire/cordage/snare etc)
  15. Signal Mirror
  16. Firesteel (clone of UST)
  17. 4x Wetfire tinder (2 pp)
  18. 2x Reflective strips (1 pp)
  19. Small travel face towel (compressed) (Cut and split as a dry tinder)
  20. Vaseline cotton balls (Split)
  21. 2x Ziplock bags (1pp)
  22. Spyderco rescue
  23. Carbide Scraper
  24. MTP Pouch
  25. 8 Puri tabs (4 pp)
  26. pencil
  27. matches (split approx 10 pp)
  28. 2x Heavy duty carabiners (1 pp)
  29. 2x torches (Not Pictured)  (1 pp)

(pp = Per person)

open ghb

So If this pack was to be split each person would have;

2x tinder, a firesteel, mylar blanket, filter,knife with saw, 25ft cord, ziplock bag, reflector, 2 chem lights, whistle, pen, pouch to carry items, 4 puri tabs, matches, carabiner and razor blades.

This should be adequate for making an emergency shelter, fire, drinking water, personal light and signalling.

The thoughts on this set up is as follows, If 2 people were in need to get out of dodge as they say and all we have is the GHB in the car it has the essentials to set up a spot to sleep and create fire for warmth. and the filters or puritabs can be used to fill the large zip bags with water as a crude container until something can be scavenged if need be but there is usually a nalgene bottle in the car at all times anyways.  If split up each would have a pouch with the items and we would use a whistle code to establish comms with each other and a set use of light via the glow sticks and torches.

The pouch (MTP) was actually a sleeve pocket off a British army smock which was for the bin so I cut all the pockets off and have now got a few decent small pouches.

The Maxpedition pouch has a good deal of elastic and pockets insode so keeps everything safe and has PALS/MOLLE webbing on the outside which mean its can be attached to a belt or use the cord to make a shoulder strap if need be aswell.


There are a couple of items I have yet to add within the next week or 2 these are;

  • 2x P-38 style can openers
  • Another signal mirror
  • Small FAK ust a few plasters/small bandage

Any other suggestions?? Please add a comment below.

The 10 C’s of survival

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The 10 C’s of survival.

Weather the Storm!

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emergency can example

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emergency can example

check list

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check list

Why Prepare?

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Why Prepare?